JOHN WILLIAMS – The Imperial March

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The Imperial March


  • AlbumThe Star Wars Trilogy: Star Wars / The Empire Strikes Back /
  • Release1982
  • Labels Varèse Sarabande

JOHN WILLIAMS The Imperial March lyrics


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"The Imperial March” is a song by John Williams, conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra. The song is considered the Darth Vader's Theme heard in the Star Wars franchise. "The Imperial March” was composed by John Williams particularly for the film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. "The Imperial March" and "Yoda's Theme" premiered on April 29, 1980 just 3 weeks before the premier of the The Empire Strikes Back. "The Imperial March” is considered the best known symphonic themes in movie history.
"The Imperial March" is usually called the "Darth Vader's Theme." In the Star Wars movies the song mainly played when Darth Vader appears. "The Imperial March" is first heard in The Empire Strikes Back as the Galactic Empire sends probes in search of Luke Skywalker. The main play for "The Imperial March” is as Star Destroyers amass and Darth Vader first appears. The "The Imperial March” has been used widely in sports and music for other films and shows.
The best part for a ringtone to "The Imperial March” by John Williams is found on the song time frame from the youtube video 0.00” to 0.20”.

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